Lord of His People – The Series

Welcome to my world of fantasy romance with a touch of the paranormal!
I’ve been writing short stories since I was a teenager and have always carried the dream that one day I would complete a novel and have it published. My dream is now a reality with the birth of the series ‘Lord of His People’.
There are many Beauty and the Beast stories out there with the beast turning into the handsome prince at the end of the story. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the beast remained a beast? Would he still find true love? Would he be accepted in a world where people judge a person by what they see and not on who that person is? My first book, ‘Taming of the Beast’, answers those questions and opens the door to so many possibilities. If you are a romantic who believes in fighting for the underdog, then my book is a must read.
You will be captivated by the hero, Nathen, and the heroine, Authia, who discovers that beauty lies beneath the surface. You will be drawn into their lives and, by the end of the book, you will find yourself longing for more. To start your journey into the world of Nathen and Authia just select ‘Purchase My Books’ and choose ‘Taming of the Beast’.
There will be four books in the series, and you can stay updated on the further adventures of Nathen and Authia by following my blog. So, sit back, curl up in your favorite chair, and lose yourself in a world of romance, spirits, curses and true love.

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