Journey to the Unknown

The second novel in the Lord of His People series.

Nathen and Authia’s story continues as they risk everything including the people they love in the desperate hope that Africa holds the answers for Nathen and he will, at last, find his origins.

It is 1991 and Nathen and Authia are finally free of the curse that has haunted Nathen for over two centuries. However, their quest does not end there. It has only just begun. Nathen may be rid of his curse but he still desperately needs to know who and what he is. Hidden somewhere deep in the Congo region of Africa are the answers. Nathen and Authia risk their lives as well as the lives of those close to them in order to find the truth.

Meanwhile, in a valley hidden from the outside world, a tribe secretly waits for the return of their Lord. Unknown to Nathen and Authia, the High Priestess of the tribe is aware of their existence and will do everything in her power to prevent them from finding Nathen’s home.