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fantasy author Canadian ManitoabChristine Frances was born July 29, 1958, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She was born to a military family, her father being in the Royal Canadian Navy. Her passion for writing started at an early age with her seventh-grade teacher, Sister Lambert, playing an influential part in developing Christine’s love for short stories. 

After a period in Christine’s life when she put down her pen to run her own business, raise two boys and become a grandmother, the desire to write once again took over and the series Lord of His People was born.


My Books

Discovery of the Lion People

The first novel in the Lord of His People series.

A man whose facial features do not conform with what is considered normal in life risks his life and the life of the woman he loves in his attempt to discover who he is and to destroy the spirit that has cursed him.

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Journey to the Unknown

The second novel in the Lord of His People series.

Nathen and Authia’s story continues as they risk everything including the people they love in the desperate hope that Africa holds the answers for Nathen and he will, at last, find his origins.

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Discovery of the Lion People Book cover Christine Frances

Discovery of the Lion People

The third novel in the Lord of His People series.

Nathen will be challenged not only to trust those that, to him, do not deserve to be trusted, but he must also answer the questions that have plagued him for over two decades. Who he is and where does he belong?

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