Journey to the Unknown

There is so much more to writing a book than just writing a book. First, you must have an amazing story line that you are able to put down into words. Then, after all your hard work, your masterpiece is finished! But now you have to make sure it complies with your publisher’s house rules. After re-reading your novel several times (I find it helps if you activate Microsoft word read aloud) and making numerous corrections, its off to the editor. Now, I happen to have the best editor ever! So it makes this step a little easier. But still, the novel comes back with corrections that need to be made. So once again you read the entire novel, make the corrections, then return it back to the editor. If you’re lucky, you’ll get away with one edit. However, it is not unusual to have two, three perhaps five edits.

Edits are finished and now its off to the publisher. They format the novel adding the dedication, the intro and all the legal wordings then its back to you again. Your job now is to make sure there are no mistakes with formatting. Yes, you read the book again. Then it is back to the publisher and onto the proofer.

Don’t get comfy yet…the proofer is going to send it back to you with more corrections and recommendations. As in editing, your novel can bounce back between the proofer and you several times. But once you and the proofer (especially the proofer) are happy, then the end result is ready for release.

Yes, it is a lot of work. But I love it and with each edit I learn how to be a better writer. My second book, Journey to the Unknown, is back from the proofer and I am currently on page 35 of 293. I have a little ways to go yet.

I truly believe that nothing is free in life. Hard work, and a lot of it, is required in order to excel in whatever career you choose. So don’t give up. Keep plugging. Believe me, it is well worth in the end.

As always, Happy Reading!!

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