Discovery of the Lion People

I’ve been having fun developing the story line in my third book, Discovery of the Lion People. Introducing new characters and bringing back some old ones. I’ve had many of my readers ask how I develop my story line.
I guess every writer has his or her own way of keeping track of the characters and time lines. For me I keep a few notes to keep track of the time of day and which characters are in which chapters. But mostly, I just tell the story. I loose myself in my characters and the plot. I become my characters, feeling what they feel, seeing what they see. And before you know it the chapter is finished and I’m halfway into the next.

I love to write and hope that one day I can make writing my full time career. Until then, my writing will always be my passion and take up every spare minute I have.

I should mention that my second book, Journey to the Unknown, will be released November 11, 2017. It will be on my Publisher’s website for a week. After that you will see it on Amazon. As soon as the art work is finished I will display it on my website so you know what to look for on Amazon.

Back to writing….as always…Happy Reading!!!

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