The Unveiling of Journey to the Unknown !

I’m so excited! The art work is done and the cover for Journey to the Unknown has been unveiled. In book one, Taming of the Beast, Nathen spends his life hiding his face from the world. He looks different, and is afraid he will not be accepted. Well, he’s not only accepted but he finds the love of his life. In book two, Journey to the Unknown, Nathen discovers why he looks the way he does. And you, my readers, get to see him without the hood.

Taming of the Beast is not only a story of romance, mystery and the paranormal. It is also a story that, hopefully, has the reader thinking about people who are different in some way shape or form. And that these people, even though they look different, can be amazing people. That you shouldn’t judge a person by what you see but rather by who they are, on the inside.

Journey to the Unknown will have you wanting to read just one more chapter as Nathen and Authia struggle to find Nathen’s heritage. You will want to cheer for the good guys and despise the bad guys.

Journey to the Unknown is scheduled to be released around November the 11th. I will keep you updated when I get the exact date.

As always, Happy Reading!

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