Journey to the Unknown – the Galley

Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful evening. I wanted to update everyone on my second book, Journey to the Unknown. I received the galley back from the publisher, Devine Destinies. What that means is that it is my last chance to look over the book and make sure everything is correct. I’m re-reading (is that a word?) it and at the same time working on book three. As soon as I have finished re-reading (it’s a word now lol) I send it back to the publisher and off it goes for artwork and proofing. At the same time a release date will be set. It’s all very exciting.

For book three I have yet to come up with a title. Usually something comes to me as I’m writing but I’m on chapter sixteen and nothing yet. Normally I write about forty chapters so I still have plenty of opportunity to come up with a name. Well that’s it for tonight. Take care and happy reading!

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